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Three university policies updated

Changes address pay plans, salaries, external communications

Revisions to three Ohio University policies were approved during the summer.

Information Technology administrators are now included as part of policy 40.036, which lays out guidelines for administrative and professional pay plans, instead of policy 40.055, which now governs the pay structures of classified employees only.

Policy 40.036 also indicates that the university will take a market-based approach to calculating salaries for administrative employees within career bands and job families. These strategies were not specifically referenced in the previous version of the policy.

The revised policy 31.001, which governs external communications practices, includes additional information on crisis communications and brand standards so that it aligns with current practices.
It also reflects that University Communications and Marketing (UCM) resides in the Office of the President, not in University Advancement as it had when the previous version had been approved.

In addition, the new version addresses campus communicators, which were not mentioned in the previous policy, and designates them as the initial media contact for information about their individual colleges or campuses. It further stipulates that all news releases must be coordinated through UCM.

To view the full policies, click the following:

31.001 -- http://www.ohio.edu/policy/31-001.html
41.036 -- http://www.ohio.edu/policy/40-036.html
41.055 -- http://www.ohio.edu/policy/40-055.html