Stephanie Ruth, right, donates saber to Athens Historical Society to Executive Director Ron Luce, center, and Curator Jessica Cyders, left.

Photographer: Sonya Paclob


The saber from the Civil War Monument

Photographer: Sonya Paclob

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University donates missing weapon from Civil War monument on College Green

After much digging and investigating, the mystery surrounding at least one of the missing weapons at the Soldiers and Sailors Civil War Memorial on Ohio University's College Green finally reached a close.

Ohio University donated the bronze light artillery saber replica, once belonging to the naval officer on the monument, to the Athens County Historical Society and Museum on Sept. 22.

The search began after a recent series of articles in the Athens News concerning the notable lack of artillery in each of the soldier's hands. This sparked a succession of emails across campus that eventually led to the unearthing of the sword replica. 

The sword was found in the office of Stephanie Ruth, a Facilities Management employee, who said she came across the replica years ago behind a door as she was moving in to her new office. As Ruth moved to different offices she transferred the sword with her in order to keep it safe.

Though Ruth has diligently watched over the replica, she is not hesitant to pass it on.

"I'm really happy it's going to have a permanent home," she said, "[The Athens Historical Society] will be a safe, secure place for [the replica] where individuals can go and see it."

Ruth says Facilities removed the sword in the first place because the other weapons had been stolen.

"[We are] so grateful to Stephanie for keeping it safe and for thinking of us when she read the article in the Athens News," said Jessica Cyders, curator for the Historical Society. "The Athens County Historical Society and Museum is thrilled to be able to preserve such a meaningful part of our history."