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University makes numerous policies semester safe

Complying with the Q2S transition, Ohio University has revised several policies in its Administrative Policy Manual to reflect the University's change to the semester system. These revisions have been recently approved and held effective immediately or by Aug. 27.

Updated Policies

Policy 42.501, Decorations in University Buildings, is an administrative policy matter. The only revision was in the Policies and Procedures section, changing "quarter or summer session" to "academic term."

Language changes were made to reflect the semester calendar in policy 20.100, Fee Assessments and Adjustments for Multi-Campus Registration. Additionally, sample calculations were updated for the 2011-12 tuition rates.

Policy 24.016, Use of Outdoor Space on the Athens Campus, was revised to be semester safe as well as to reflect physical changes on the campus (e.g., the demolition of the Oasis).

No significant changes were made to the student matter policy 21.001, Medial services. Revisions primarily reviewed eligibility for care, required insurance and immunizations and reflect the administrative change in responsibility for student health from Student Affairs to the Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine (OU-HCOM).

The updated policy 09.900, Issuance of Identification Cards, only included changes to be safe on the upcoming semester system.

Changes were made to ensure wording to reflect intuitional changes associated with the Q2S transition for policy 24.030, Membership and Use Eligibility for Campus Recreation Facilities. Memberships are now sold based on an academic period rather than an academic quarter.

Very significant changes have been made to policy 03.003, Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance, effective Aug. 10. Revisions reflect several regulation and federal statutory changes. Primarily, changes were made in terms of updating the definition of persons with disabilities, and more explicitly outlines protections. The policy clearly defines each area of the University who are largely responsible for coordinating accessibility, setting out different responsibilities for different offices. Revisions additionally include an updated process for employees to seek accommodation and seek review with determining accommodation. The purpose of this revision was to bring the policy up to date and make the information
easier for students, staff and faculty to understand rights and responsibilities.

The elimination of policy 25.020, Upperclass Housing Contracts, was approved July 16 and effective immediately.

Policies Effective Aug. 27

Policy 12.001, Posthumous Awarding of Undergraduate Degrees is an academic matter revised for the Q2S switch.

The new policy 12.055, Deadlines for Adding and Dropping Classes, includes content formerly in policy 12.040 and 12.050. The three policies incorporate heavy revisions that have been in the works for years. This policy establishes the deadlines for students who want to add or drop classes after the semester or session has begun.

The University has developed guidelines for registered students called to active duty during the course of a semester outlined in policy 12-060, Students Called to Active Duty.

Policy 41.007, Twelve-Month Pay Option and policy 41.008, Academic Year Pay Schedule for Faculty are administrative matter updates. Both have been revised to be semester-safe and for the forthcoming semi-monthly faculty pay schedule.
Policy 15.007, Faculty participation in educational TV production, has no changes of substance, just quarter to semester editorial changes.