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New Compensation 2014 Project ready to gather job information

Employees to complete online job questionnaire

Ohio University (OHIO) and Aon Hewitt are working together to develop a new compensation program as part of the overall Compensation 2014 Project. 

An important, next step in this project includes gathering information on each administrative/professional and classified non-bargaining unit position within the University.

Employee Role
We are asking each employee at OHIO whose position is included in the study to complete an online job questionnaire (OQ) and tell us about the work that you do. The purpose of this request is to ensure we have a clear understanding of your job including the responsibilities, experience, and qualifications. Aon Hewitt will use the updated job information to develop new job classifications and conduct an external market analysis of OHIO jobs within scope of this project.

Employees should understand that Aon Hewitt will collect employee job information in order to develop broader job classifications. The resulting classifications will not be identical to, or as specific, as the data that is collected by the OQ. The specific job information that is collected from employees will be used to create classifications and appropriately match jobs to the resulting classification.

Supervisor/Reviewer Role
Direct supervisors and designated secondary reviewers of positions covered in this study will be asked to review their employees’ input in the questionnaire and provide comments where necessary. Supervisors will have the opportunity to provide input in each section of the OQ, but will not be able to change their employees’ input. Reviewers will also not be able to change employee input, but will be able to add comments.

Training Guide
Online training has been provided to help familiarize employees with the look and feel of the OQ. Staff will get the opportunity to learn how to navigate through the questionnaire. The training will also demonstrate the functionality of the questionnaire process as participants are shown an example of the inputs required to complete the OQ.

You may access the training guide through the Compensation 2014 Project Website.

Data Collection Process
On Sept. 5, you will receive an email from comp2014project@ohio.edu soliciting your participation in the job content collection process. The email will include instructions on how to access the online questionnaire tool.

There will be two levels of review as part of the data collection process. The first level of review will be completed by your direct supervisor. The second level of review will be completed by your direct supervisor’s manager, the business unit head, or the human resources professional aligned with your unit.

Once you have completed the questionnaire, it will be delivered electronically to your direct supervisor for review. Each supervisor will have the opportunity to provide additional information about your job, but will not be able to alter your direct input. Once their portion is completed, the questionnaire will be delivered electronically to the second level reviewer, who will have the opportunity to provide additional input. All reviewed and submitted questionnaires will then be sent directly to Aon Hewitt.

Administrative/Professional and Classified Non-Bargaining Employee Process

  • Access and participate in the online training
  • Access the online job questionnaire (OQ) via email instructions containing a link to the questionnaire and a unique PIN for security
  • Review the instructions included in each section of the OQ
  • Complete the OQ by providing information on your current job responsibilities, experience, qualifications, work environment, etc.
  • Submit the questionnaire when complete – it will be automatically sent to your direct supervisor.

Supervisors/Reviewers Process

  • If applicable, please complete an online questionnaire for your job following the same process as described above
  • If you supervise an administrative/professional or classified non-bargaining unit employee (SUPERVISOR), you will receive an email notification once your employee has completed their questionnaire and it is ready for your review
  • Review the information provided by each employee that you directly manage and provide input and comments in the open text fields available in each section of the OQ
  • Once reviewed, the employee’s OQ will then be delivered to your direct supervisor, the business unit head, or the human resources professional aligned with your business unit (REVIEWER) for their review and input following the same process described above
  • All reviewers should provide final review and commentary as needed directly on the OQ
  • Once both levels of review are complete, please submit the OQ.
  • The completed OQ will be delivered electronically to Aon Hewitt

General Timing Guidelines
The data collection process will be conducted between Sept. 5 – Nov. 16.

HR representatives from your respective business units will provide more detail on timing for your department in an upcoming communication.

Next Steps
The OHIO HR team and Aon Hewitt will review completed questionnaires beginning in September and continuing through the fall. As the project moves forward, we will continue to provide you with updates.

Thank you for your participation in this important step of the project. If you have any questions, please refer to the frequently asked questions section on the Compensation 2014 Project Website or email comp2014project@ohio.edu.