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COMPENSATION 2014 Project moves into third phase

In April, Executive Vice President and Provost Pam Benoit and Vice President of Finance and Administration Stephen Golding sent out an email regarding the COMPENSATION 2014 Project. The project covers administrative/professional (A/P) and classified non-bargaining employees on all campuses.  

Phase III of the project will begin shortly. University Human Resources will be working with employees and their supervisors to gather job information through an online questionnaire on each administrative/professional and classified position. The information that is submitted will be used to develop new job classifications in the case of administrative and professional staff and to revise job classifications for classified staff. University Human Resources will then conduct an external market analysis of the jobs that are within the scope of the project.

The COMPENSATION 2014 Project team has established the following timeline for Phase III.

  • Aug. 29: An online training link will be sent to employees, supervisors, and individuals who have been designated as project reviewers in each planning unit.

  • Sept. 5: An email with a link to the online questionnaire and a PIN will be mailed to employees.

  • Nov. 16: Phase III of the project will conclude.  

A website on the project is being maintained at www.ohio.edu/hr/compensation/comp2014/index.cfm. Questions can be directed to the Compensation 2014 Project Team at comp2014project@ohio.edu.