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Branding OHIO through social media

Though there are hundreds of social media sites on the Internet, Facebook and Twitter are among the most popular.

Listed as one of the top 10 websites that changed everyday life, Facebook, as a social networking service and website, has changed the way people interact with each other. Facebook, which launched in 2004, has over 900 million active users, with half of them communicating with a mobile device. Twitter, another online social networking service, was started two years later, boasts 340 million tweets daily and 500 million active users.

Whether establishing a relationship with potential students or finding ways to keep alumni engaged, social media provides valuable opportunities for branding Ohio University.

To be effective with social media, here are three things to keep in mind:

  1. Think first – Decide what you want to accomplish with social media.

    Having a strategy and goals will help you think about with whom you'll be interacting and the type of discussions you want to have.

  2. Pare down – Choose which social media platforms you want to establish and will be able to maintain.

    Once you have a plan, find one or a few social media platforms that are best suited for your needs.

  3. Govern aptly – Guidelines can help safeguard against inconsistent and inappropriate messages.

    The best features of social media are real-time, two-way communication. However, without any sort of guidelines, these could become some of the worst features.

University Communications and Marketing (UCM) drafted guidelines and submitted them to the Web Advisory Group for review. The guidelines are designed for employees and departments to consider when using social media for the university. If you'd like some help with developing a communications and marketing strategy for your social media site, contact UCM at 593-2200.

Wikipedia, another website that changed everyday life


By Gabrielle Johnston

Ohio University actively maintains a social media presence on Facebook and Twitter. Operated by University Communications and Marketing, the two primary accounts are vital tools to connect on personal levels with prospective and current students, parents, alumni and friends.

@OhioU, the University’s Twitter handle, has more than 20,500 followers, and the University’s Facebook page has over 34,000 fans. These numbers continue to rise due to the established goal of providing a human face for OHIO, making it relatable and attractive while using marketing techniques to present chosen messages.

At its core, social media must be what its name proclaims it to be: social. Accounts must contain a balanced mixture of interaction and information to retain followers. In doing so, they become powerful and important marketing tools for the University, increasing retention and attracting more and better students, faculty and staff.

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