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Go Green Move-In Weekend runs Aug. 23-26

Activities to help students transition to college

Residence hall move-in begins Thursday, Aug. 23 at 9 a.m. for first-year students and will continue through the weekend, with residence halls officially opening for all other students on Aug. 25.


To manage the high volume of traffic, Residential Housing recommends this move-in schedule for first-year students based on the student's last name or college. To find the schedule click here:

When approaching campus, there will be signage directing students and campus police directing traffic.

Road work is ongoing throughout Athens, and parents and students should be sure to check Residential Housing's move-in information page for maps of the construction. When arriving on campus, students and their families should park their cars as directed by campus police.

Moving in

After parking in an unloading zone, students should proceed to get their room key from the designated staff office for their residence hall. Complete directional information and check in locations are available here.

Before a student can begin moving his or her belongings into their room, they must complete and sign a room condition form. They will receive this when checking in at the staff office. First-year students should plan to arrive in Athens no later than 7 p.m. Friday, Aug. 24.


The following regulations only apply during Move-In Weekend, Aug. 23–26:

The purple lots will be open parking areas in a valid, legal space. No time restriction applies in the purple lots provided the vehicle is not at a meter and is in a valid space.

The dark green lots will be open parking areas in a valid, legal space. No time restriction applies in the green lots provided the vehicle is not at a meter and is in a valid space.

All other University lots will be open to students who are moving in but with a time restriction. Parking within a lot not designated as purple or dark green is limited to 30 minutes per vehicle and someone must be present with the car at all times during this 30 minutes. For parking needs exceeding 30 minutes, please utilize the dark green or purple areas. Parking within areas that are typically non-parking areas such as curbs and drives will be limited to 30-minute parking.

All fees must be paid at a meter. Please see each meter for fees and time limits.  

Please do not park within a handicap space if you do not have a disability permit. Handicap spaces are for those with mobility issues who have a disability permit visible on the vehicle. Parking within a handicap space without the appropriate permit will result in associated fines.

Please review the campus parking map located here. For questions regarding move-in parking restrictions, please contact Parking Services at 740-593-1917 or via e-mail at parking@ohio.edu.

Late arrivals

If, due to emergency circumstances, a student arrives for move in after 10 p.m. on any day, they may contact the Ohio University Police at 740-593-1911. The police dispatcher will be able to contact the Residential Housing staff person on duty for your particular residence hall so the student can check in.

Meeting new people

When students arrive, they can expect to meet many new people, as well as becoming acquainted with various staff members. Residential Housing's in-hall staff is responsible for creating a positive living environment and helping students adjust to college life.

One of the most important staff members the student will encounter is their resident assistant (RA). Each RA is also a current student, and they are assigned to a floor section -- a group of rooms -- for which they are responsible.

An RA is trained to answer students' questions, foster community living and be a resource to their floor section members.

During the first few days, the student's floor section will meet with their RA to discuss the activities and hall guidelines. The emphasis is on creating a safe and healthy living environment. As a member of a new community, every student has input and a responsibility to create their community and maintain a comfortable living area.

Go Green Week

After settling in, first-year students will be attending the "Go Green Week Orientation," a variety of events designed to welcome students to campus. Some of the events are required for first-year students, so make sure to check the schedule posted in the residence hall.

Find the latest Go Green news

Ohio University interim Dean of Students Jenny Hall-Jones will provide daily updates on Athens radio station WXTQ 105.5 FM during Go Green Move-In Weekend. Tune in to find out the latest news. Also listen to WXTQ 105.5 FM or visit http://www.ohio.edu/arrivalguide/travel.cfm to find out the latest travel information about the Athens, Ohio, area.