Zijian Diao

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Eastern Campus' Diao named Outstanding Professor

Ohio University Eastern Associate Professor of Mathematics Zijian Diao has been named an Outstanding Professor in Regional Higher Education for the 2011-12 academic year.

A native of China, Diao earned a doctorate from Texas A& M University. He began teaching in the mathematics department at Ohio University Eastern in 2005. Since that time, he has taught eleven different courses to a diverse student population with majors in education, business, psychology, social work and communication studies at the Eastern Campus.

"I have learned to adapt to the vastly different backgrounds and educational goals of my students, while maintaining a rigorous mathematical standard," said Diao. "I am very proud of my reputation as a professor who challenges the students, and who is committed to nurturing their ability to think critically."

Yet, Diao’s impact to the teaching operation at the Eastern Campus has not been limited to classroom performance. He helped to establish a two-year mathematics program titled "Shared Learning Program in Mathematics" which provides training for future mathematic educators as well as additional resources for students outside of the classroom. This pilot program has become a permanent student-run mathematics center and a staple of the Eastern Campus community.

An applied mathematician, Diao has been active in many research areas such as quantum computation and informational science, mathematical modeling, natural language processing and control theory. He has published three peer-reviewed articles and three book chapters since he began at the Eastern Campus.

In addition, Diao has become prolific in seeking research/teaching funding from internal and external sources. His most notable grant came from the prestigious National Science Foundation (NSF) in 2005.

Diao was also awarded a rare patent for his work on "A Quantum Circuit Design for Grover’s Algorithm" (U. S. Patent No. 7,028,275, joint with M. S. Zubairy and G. Chen). This patent extends the existing circuit designs of Grover’s algorithm to databases with arbitrary sizes.

"It is the very first patent in the world dealing with the quantum circuit implementation of quantum search," said Diao. "Future development of quantum computers will adopt this patent as the blueprint for search tasks."

Ohio University Dean Richard Greenlee is very proud of Diao’s accomplishments.

"Dr. Diao is most deserving of this award," said Greenlee. "He is a superior teacher who contributes significantly to our teaching mission and is an outstanding researcher in his field. He is the epitome of a model regional campus faculty member who balances his commitment to providing a high quality education to our students, while at the same time producing important scholarship in mathematics."