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University to offer car-sharing program to students

Ohio University is partnering with Enterprise Rent-A-Car to offer car-sharing to students 18 and over. 

The program, WeCar® by Enterprise, is a membership-based, automated car rental option that offers a sustainable, efficient and cost-effective transportation alternative. 

According to the company, the program is available on more than 50 college campuses across the U.S. and Canada.

"The WeCar® program is very popular on college campuses," said Ryan Lombardi, interim vice president for Student Affairs, whose office partnered with Parking Services and Student Senate to help bring the car sharing program to Ohio University.

"This is an ideal option for students who may need to run errands in town or for a group of students who can share costs and the car to travel home for the weekend," he said. "It is also another option for students not to bring a car to campus, helping to make campus a more sustainable environment."

With around-the-clock access to hourly, daily and overnight rentals, WeCar® by Enterprise allows members to maintain the benefits of a personal car while paying only for the vehicle when it is being used. According to Enterprise, campus car-sharing programs are especially popular with students as they provide a solution to car rental age restrictions, as well as financial concerns associated with having a car on campus.

Beginning Aug. 22, students who register with the program have access to two fuel-efficient vehicles – a Honda Civic and Ford Fiesta, which will be housed in the parking lot of Margaret M. Walter Hall near Richland Avenue. Students could begin registering for membership this week during Bobcat Orientation.

Students access the vehicle during their reserved time by using their membership card with a device located on the vehicle. Keys and a fuel card are housed in a locked compartment within the vehicle and also accessed using the membership card. Once finished, students refuel and return the car to the same location. Fuel, basic physical damage to the vehicle and state-required liability insurance are included in the standard rate plan.

"WeCar® provides students at Ohio University with a low-cost, convenient transportation solution located right on the campus," said Ryan Johnson, assistant vice president, WeCar® and Rideshare® for Enterprise. "Our car-sharing program is a sustainable, totally automated and efficient mobility option that can help alleviate parking and transportation challenges at universities across the United States."

As the State of Ohio contract holder for vehicle rental services, Enterprise Holdings, Inc. currently partners with Ohio University to provide rentals for its business travel needs through the Enterprise and National brands. In addition, Enterprise recruits and hires graduates from the University each year, with approximately 200 alumni having worked for the company.