OUPD Capt. Brian Kapple (back turned in police vest) talks with fellow police officers during Thursday's exercises

Photographer: Elizabeth Held


Officer is locked and loaded during exercise

Photographer: Elizabeth Held


Officers move in to target area during training exercise at Wolfe Street Apartments

Photographer: Elizabeth Held

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OUPD conduct first responder training at Wolfe Street Apartments

The Ohio University Police Department, along with Athens City police and fire departments, held first responder training on Thursday at the Wolfe Street apartment complex on the Athens campus.

The recently vacated apartments are scheduled to be razed this summer in connection with the Athens campus Capital Improvement Plan and the Housing Master Plan.

Ohio University Police Department Capt. Brian Kapple said the training is necessary.

"We have to keep our skill sets sharp and Wolfe Street was the perfect opportunity for us," Kapple said. "We get to come into a realistic environment and exercises like these allow us to see how we are doing and how we can make corrections – it is a learning process."

Kapple said the exercises also allowed OUPD to foster its relationship with the Athens Police Department.

"Primarily, our goal is interagency and we want to have a good relationship with our working partners in the city," Kapple said. "We are building the relationship we started two or three years ago with the city of Athens and are trying to work together more."

The Athens Fire Department held emergency training exercises that included self rescue and building entrance drills at the apartment complex on Friday.