Renea Morris

Renea Morris

Photo courtesy of: University Communications and Marketing


The Ohio University signature, above, should be used on most University communication materials. It is composed of two elements: the University logo mark (depicting Wilson, Cutler, and McGuffey halls on the College Green) and the University logo type.

Graphic courtesy of: Ohio University Brand Standards

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Branding OHIO with a clear and consistent identity

Identity, which represents the visual aspects that help shape the overall brand, usually starts with a logo. The logo is an important part of the brand in its role to identify the organization. There are a number of logotypes, including word marks, emblems, pictorial, abstract, and symbolic marks. Ohio University’s logo is a combination of a word mark and an emblem.

Other aspects of OHIO’s identity are expressed through stationery, signage, apparel design, marketing collateral, and any other visuals that represent the organization.

To reinforce an overall image, every aspect of the organization should reflect the mission and goals of the organization as a whole. With a logo established and final designs in place for many other visual elements, how will everyone who uses the mark know what they should do with it?

Answers are found in the style guide, “Brand Standards for Ohio University.” The guide is designed as a road map to help guard against weakening OHIO’s overall identity. Like any working document, it is flexible to incorporate updates to stay current. Some of the information it delivers includes logo use, key messages, color, fonts and stationery. Within the guide are specific sections on print, and Web uses as well as a section that addresses our Regional Campus identities.

Style guides have been developed for the Department of Athletics, Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine, Ohio University’s Capital Campaign, Ohio University Alumni Association, and Ohio Today. These areas have contact with audiences familiar with Ohio University but are focused on a specific outcome in support of OHIO. Some are long term others are not. Having these various style guides at your fingertips communicates what is expected to help ensure that the brand is recognized and protected.

Please use the links below to access the additional style guides (PDFs) in use at Ohio University:

Ohio University Athletics

Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine HCOM_Logo_Standards_Guide.pdf

Ohio University The Promise Lives Campaign

Ohio University Alumni Association 

Ohio Today

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