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First responder training to take place at Wolfe Street Apartments June 28-29

The Ohio University Police Department, along with Athens City police and fire departments, will be conducting first responder training June 28-29 at the Wolfe Street apartment complex on the Athens campus.

The vacant apartments are scheduled to be razed later this summer in connection with the Athens campus Capital Improvement Plan and the Housing Master Plan.

"This is a great opportunity for our first responding partners to utilize space on campus for training," said Jill Harris, manager of Emergency Programs at Ohio University. "But we don't want people to be alarmed when they see first responder activity in the area."

During the training exercises, the building will be restricted for use by the first responders in training. Wolfe Street will be closed along with Parking Lot 81, according to Harris.

Training will take place into the evening on both days. Passersby should expect to see first responder equipment and emergency vehicles on site, as part of the exercises.

Questions on the training exercises may be directed to Jill Harris at harrisj4@ohio.edu.