Bromley Hall will enter its last phase of work on its exterior, affecting the west and front side of the building.

Photographer: Ben Wirtz Siegel


Bromley Hall will remain open to conference groups during the summer.

Photographer: Ben Wirtz Siegel


Bromley Hall

Photographer: Ben Wirtz Siegel

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Summer maintenance keeps residence halls fresh

This summer Ohio University will see a variety of residential housing changes, most of which will remain routine.

“Because it’s a short summer, we’re not doing anything major,” said Associate Director for Capital Planning Penny Trace. “We’re not doing any electrical upgrades or fire alarm upgrades because we are lacking two weeks of our usual summer.“

The lost two weeks invite the potential for projects to run into fall, forcing repairs to residential housing to remain aesthetic.

“We don’t want to start something and run into issues and not be able to finish it,” said Trace. “If something doesn’t get finished before the students return in August, we can either complete it once they are here, or just stop it where we are.”

Air conditioner replacement is a yearly project, with Facilities identifying two dorms in need of air conditioner replacements each summer. This year both Tiffin Hall and Wilson Hall will receive new air conditioners.

Another yearly project that will continue this summer is electric meter upgrades.

“We are trying to independently meter each building,” said Trace. “On West Green we have four or five buildings that are all on one electric meter. We have a standard allotment of money that we put aside each year to try to keep this project moving. It’s a huge project so we can’t possibly do it all at once.”

Many of the projects planned for the summer will be check-ups of the 42 residence halls, a job that requires constant attention.

Money is allotted for windows, doors and plumbing, without specificities to a particular building or green. This money is put aside in case maintenance finds any problems.

“As we identify problems during the summer, we will have funds allotted to [replace windows and doors], and not have to wait for approval,” said Trace.

Furniture is also in the budget, replacing furniture in the floor lounges of Mackinnon and Pickering, Johnson’s wardrobes, and Voigt’s moveable furniture. Voigt will also be entirely painted and receive new corridor carpeting; ensuring the residence hall looks good for the next 10 years.

Other than routine maintenance projects across the Athens campus, there are some proposed larger projects surrounding Bromley Hall. Bromley Hall will enter its last phase of work on its exterior, affecting the west and front side of the building, but allowing it to continue to be used by conference groups this summer.

Bromley Hall is also in the midst of consideration for its "pool area." Discussion will start this summer to decide what would best occupy this currently empty space.

“This summer's projects are designed to continue to enhance the residential environment for our students through investments in safety, security and campus infrastructure,” said the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs for Capital and Facilities Planning Christine Sheets. “We are also excited to begin the architectural and engineering phase of the Housing Master plan, which will have a truly transformative affect on our campus over the next decade."

The Housing Master plan includes the money allotted to the beginning stages of new South Green buildings, which includes the demolition of Wolfe Street Apartments.

"There will be a fence placed in that area, early summer to begin the Housing Master Plan Phase 1 site preparation," said Trace. "The reason we have to do this is because we have to secure a safe construction site, provide a place to deliver supplies; we need a place for material and equipment storage."

Demolition of Wolfe Street Apartments can be expected towards the end of July or the beginning of August.