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JIQ and PDQ and job evaluations freeze effective May 17

Latest phase in COMPENSATION 2014 to facilitate evaluations

The COMPENSATION 2014 Project, which was launched on April 24 with the first meeting of the steering team, has begun in earnest as planning units across Ohio University froze Job Information Questionnaires (JIQ) and Position Description Questionnaires (PDQ) and job evaluations on May 17.

"This is a major project for the University and it is essential that we approach it in a strategic and deliberate manner," said Chief Human Resource Officer Linda Lonsinger. "It is essential that we have accurate job descriptions for our current administrative, professional and classified employees. Ohio University and our consulting partners at Aon Hewitt are working together to create an efficient electronic method for collecting this information."

University Human Resources (UHR) will work closely with planning units to update them regarding the project's progress and when they will be requested to provide their unit's information.

As part of the ongoing COMPENSATION 2014, there will be a freeze of job evaluations that will be instituted from May 17 through the summer of 2013. This is necessary because continuing to process job evaluations while the University is simultaneously overhauling the job evaluation framework would be counterproductive to the project. It also would distract Compensation staff from the work that must be done to maintain the mandated timeline.

"We recognize that over the course of the next 14 months there will be a need for some exceptions," said Lonsinger. "Occasional exceptions to the job evaluation freeze may be granted if the positions are critical, approved and recommended by the planning unit head, and submitted to me by the planning unit head for discussion of their merits."

The evaluation of job descriptions for new or vacant positions for purposes of the employment process will not be subject to the freeze.

The COMPENSATION 2014 Project covers approximately 1,800 employees and will entail four stages:

  • Gathering accurate job descriptions for all administrative/professional and classified employees

  • Restructuring current job classifications

  • The development of new pay plans

  • The creation of effective performance management strategies.

The Aon Hewitt consulting group will assist with each phase of the initiative and will help to ensure that it is completed according to the timetable established by the University's Department of Education resolution agreement.

"We want to work with planning units to ensure that this process goes as smoothly as possible," said Lonsinger. "We appreciate the assistance of the University's faculty and staff in completing a project that will improve our ability to recruit and retain talented employees."

If you have any questions, please contact Director of Compensation Karen Hudson (hudson@ohio.edu or 593-1641).