Students are encouraged to be packed prior to move out.

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Plan ahead for move-out and graduation parking

As move out and commencement approach, Ohio University students, friends and family members are advised to plan ahead and recognize parking regulations for the allotted weekends on campus.

Move out
Ohio University Parking Services would like to apprise students and their family members of regulations pertaining to vehicles for student move out beginning Monday, June 4, through Sunday, June 10.

Many students park within fire lanes during the move in and move out periods. Students and their family members should be aware that there is no parking permitted within a fire lane. For this purpose, parking is defined as the vehicle stopped, unoccupied and not running. However, stopping in a fire lane is permissible. For this purpose stopping is defined as the vehicle stopped, occupied (or occupant in the immediate vicinity) and running (or available to be moved immediately by the person in the immediate vicinity).

Therefore, during move out, vehicles may be stopped in the fire lanes but not parked as long as the stopped vehicle is occupied or someone with the legal means to move the vehicle is in the immediate vicinity. Vehicles stopping in a fire lane are limited to a 30-minute maximum. This maximum is to ensure all students are afforded the ability to park in these areas and load their vehicles. Exceeding 30 minutes in a loading area will result in a fine.

Vehicles should only be in loading areas when items are physically being loaded in the vehicle, according to Teresa Trussell, parking operations supervisor of transportation and parking services.

Students are encouraged to begin packing belongings and preparing for move out early.

"You would be surprised how much easier getting everything together is when you do it a little bit each day for a week, rather than waiting until the last minute to get everything together," said Joshua Bodnar, assistant director of residential housing sales, promotion and communication.

Bodnar encouraged students to move out as soon as possible after finals.

"We recommend that students who can move out prior to commencement on Saturday do so in order to beat the rush and the traffic that accompanies graduation weekend in Athens," said Bodnar. "This is especially true for those students living in and around the Convocation Center."

Ohio University's 2012 commencement ceremonies will take place at the Convocation Center, located on West Green of the Athens campus. Graduate ceremonies will begin Friday, June 8, at 9:30 a.m., followed by two undergraduate ceremonies on Saturday, June 9.

In preparation for the weekend, Tia Hysell, Ohio University special events coordinator of transportation and parking services, encourages individuals to refer to the OHIO Parking Services website. The site contains information on lot availability throughout the weekend.  

On Friday, June 8, and Saturday, June 9, the dark green and purple lots will be open for free parking for graduation. This does not include any meter or restricted spaces, or lots scheduled for other events. For clarification, lots will have signs at entrances indicating availability.

The Ohio University Police Department (OUPD) will assist by directing traffic and parking during graduation weekend.

The parking lots around the Convocation Center -- Lots 128, 129 and the Convocation Center garage -- will be cleared of cars for both ceremonies. Lot 128 will be reserved for handicap-identified vehicles only. According to Captain Brian Kapple of the OUPD, officers will be directing traffic on the Richland Avenue Bridge and guiding handicap parties to designated parking areas.

Kapple said friends and family are strongly advised to arrive on campus early. He reminds guests not to stop in the middle of the road and also be prepared for delays when arriving and departing campus.  

For more information, please contact Parking Services at (740)-593-1917 or

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