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Sexual Assault Prevention Campaign launches informational website

Ohio University recently added an online component to an ongoing communications campaign aimed at preventing sexual assault.

Launched in conjunction with the national Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month in April, OHIO's Sexual Assault Prevention Campaign draws attention to the fact that sexual assault is a crime -- as well as a crime of opportunity.

Initial communications included a provocative three-part poster campaign, intended to remind individuals of the important role everyone plays in his or her own personal safety. Posters featured statements of victims and perpetrators -- such as "I drank too much and never thought I would do that." The campaign also continues the University's "Be Safe, Be Civil and Be Smart" theme that debuted last year around fest season. The posters were displayed around campus and at area businesses.

This month, the campaign kicked off a second round of communications through OHIO's Health Alerts series -- which aims to empower the university community with knowledge and resources to address critical, less-talked-about health and safety issues facing today's college students, faculty and staff.

The site provides answers to frequently asked questions about sexual assault and the University's response to it. Content includes:

•  Definitions of sexual assault
•  Prevention tips
•  Campus resources
•  Information for survivors

To view the University's sexual assault prevention information page, click here.