Tutor Tracks is currently only available to Lancaster campus student, but may expand soon.

Graphic courtesy of: Lancaster Campus

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Online tutoring now available to all Ohio University Lancaster students 24/7

Service could expand to another OHIO regional campus

Tutoring help is now available at a student’s fingertips 24 hours a day for all Ohio University Lancaster students and could soon be available for students on the Ohio University Zanesville campus.

The online tutoring program developed by Ohio University Lancaster professors gives students on the regional campus access to tutors at times when they need them.

“Our students need tutoring after 5 p.m. because they have families and jobs,” said Health Technology Instructor and Program Director Debra Smith.

For the first time, Tutor Tracks, www.tutortracks.org, is available to any Lancaster student in any discipline. The all-access program began with the start of spring quarter. Previously, it was only available to math students. Tutor Tracks is an online tutoring connection available to Lancaster students 24 hours a day, seven days a week with an OAK ID and password.

The idea originated three years ago after faculty were asked during a meeting about the greatest needs on the Lancaster campus. Smith said tutoring services were already offered on campus, but only during normal business hours. She said faculty knew there was a need for after-hours tutoring to help traditional and non-traditional students complete their classes and degrees.

Smith and fellow professors, Christine Wolfe and Giorgi Shonia, applied for an 1804 Undergraduate Teaching and Learning Grant to start an online tutoring service. With that, Tutor Tracks was born and a contract service with Tutor.com was developed to help students who needed after-hours assistance.

“We have successfully used Tutor Tacks for two quarters with math students and faculty, and hope that other disciplines find this a helpful tool,” said Smith.

Smith said the average usage has grown each quarter and she believes the usage will continue to grow now that it is open to all students on the Lancaster campus.

Smith and Shonia are seeking additional funding to expand the project and have partnered with counterparts on the Zanesville campus. The idea is to see if there is a similar need for the online tutoring service at other Ohio University regional campuses.

‘I hope the outcomes will be very compelling and guide future practices,” said Smith.

Tutor tracks allows faculty to upload assets for students to use such as videos, sample problems and other helpful information. They can also connect to the Math and English Learning Center at the Lancaster campus for math tutoring.