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President updates OHIO on Winter Closure Plan

On Friday, Ohio University President Roderick J. McDavis sent an email to all faculty and staff updating them on the Winter Closure Plan.

Dear Faculty and Staff,

The purpose of my message is to communicate my approval of a recommendation from the Holiday Closure Workgroup Steering Committee to implement a Winter Closure Plan (WCP) for all Ohio University campuses and centers. The WCP calls for closure of the University from December 25th through January 1st each year beginning in December 2012, a practice common among many of our peer institutions.

The WCP provides for staff to be awarded holiday pay for two winter closure days. The President’s Day holiday will continue to be floated for use in the winter closure period, and December 25th and January 1st will continue to be provided as holidays. One day of each staff member’s vacation will be converted to a WCP vacation day.

The plan takes into account the fact that some individuals who provide essential services will be required to work during the period, while others may be on call. The details of the plan address these situations and further work is under way to address this by a Winter Closure Plan Implementation Committee that includes representatives from faculty and staff from all divisions, including regional education and outreach.

Implementation plans for the WCP will focus on preserving essential functions for research activities while lessening the burden of keeping offices open with limited staff, making more efficient use of our paid time off benefit, and providing departments the opportunity to provide their entire staff time with their families.

We thank Steering Committee members William Roosenberg, Professor of Ecology and Evolution; Pam Benoit, Executive Vice President and Provost; and Steve Golding, Vice President for Finance and Administration, along with Holiday Closure Workgroup members George Cheripko, Classified Senate, Scott Carpenter, Administrative Senate; Gwen Brooks, University Human Resources; Mike Gebeke, Facilities Management; Kyle McKenzie, International Student and Faculty Services; Patti McSteen, Student Affairs; Chad Mitchell, Finance and Administration; Jo Ellen Sherow, Research; and Traci Winchell, Classified Senate for their research into peer practices and analysis for implications at Ohio University in developing their recommendation.

Roderick J. McDavis