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Generations of Posties return for The Post 100th anniversary

Hundreds of "Posties" past and present gathered in Athens this weekend for The Post's 100th Anniversary.

Hype was created for the weekend through a billboard on Route 33 broadcasting "The Post 100 Years," and the creation of the Twitter hash-tag (#Post100).

The events kicked off Friday night with a Welcome Reception at Red Brick Sports Club. Saturday morning included tours of campus, the Scripps building, and the Post newsroom. Post alumni, now staff members of publications such as Slate.com, The Columbus Dispatch, and Bloomberg, sat on a panel about the State of the Industry.

Saturday afternoon featured discussion sessions, the most notable being "Biggest Triumphs and Worst Screw-ups." Former editors-in-chief from the 1950s-2000s shared memories of their best stories and biggest controversies. Some anecdotes included coverage of 9/11 and running a story three times in the same paper.

The weekend was not just news and information. Attendees participated in a Grammar Smackdown, where teams were quizzed on the Post's grammar style book. The competition was judged by Dru Evarts, the creator of the handbook.

The events wrapped up with a banquet dinner and State of the Post address at the Dairy Barn. Professor Bob Stewart, director of the School of Journalism, welcomed Post alumni.

"It doesn't matter when you were at The Post; we're all made of the same stuff," said Stewart.

Current Editor-in-Chief Wesley Lowery gave the State of the Post address. The room filled with cheers upon hearing that the Post continues to be completely editorially independent of the University. Lowery discussed some of the special projects the current staff has worked on, including the creation of an award-winning photo blog and a push for multimedia.

Finally, Lowery remarked on the Post's financial state. A fundraising goal has been set by the Ohio University Alumni Association. Additionally, Lowery is creating a task force for alumni to brainstorm solutions. To get involved, email Lowery at wl372808@ohiou.edu.

Alumni and current Post staff members alike enjoyed the celebration. The weekend gave truth to the phrase, "once a Postie, always a Postie."