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OUPD updates campus on Friday incident

On Friday, Ohio University Police Chief Andrew Powers sent an email to the Athens campus updating them about an incident on campus.

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

At approximately 2:48 p.m. this afternoon, Ohio University police on the Athens campus responded to Grover Center on a report of a suspicious person the caller thought may have been armed. Officers began investigating the call and determined that the subject was a student, who had just dropped off a letter threatening self-harm. Officers immediately began searching for the student, while other officers attempted to locate the witness to verify what she saw. Officers quickly located the student on University Terrace at Ellis Hall and took him into custody without incident. He was not armed.
OUPD was in the process of developing an emergency text message alert to the University community to send as soon as they verified the presence of a weapon with the witness. Before the witness was located, however, officers located the student and took him into custody, thus making an emergency text message alert to the University community unnecessary.
When interviewed by police, the student denied having a weapon. A search by police officers of the student and multiple campus areas produced no weapon.
OUPD commends the witness for reporting suspicious activity and encourages all faculty, staff and students to call 911 if they see anyone or anything suspicious.
Andrew Powers
Chief of Police