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OUPD cruiser

Photo courtesy of: Ohio University Police Department

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Joint police cruiser design application

The Joint Police Advisory Council is holding a contest for the graphic design of a joint police vehicle.

This vehicle will be representative of the partnership between the Ohio University and the City of Athens police departments and their ongoing joint patrol. The contest is open to the public; however teams must register their intent to submit a graphic design by completing this application.

Deadline for submission of this application is 4 p.m. Monday, April 30. Applications may be submitted via e-mail to rlucas@ci.athens.oh.us, or hand delivered to the Athens Mayor's Office, 8 E. Washington Street, Athens, OH, 45701.

Deadline for submission of graphic design is 4 p.m. May 25. All submissions must be received electronically via e-mail by Deputy Service/Safety Director Ron Lucas at rlucas@ci.athens.oh.us by this date and time. Hand drawn submissions may be scanned and e-mailed as either JPEG or PDF documents.


1.  Teams must be comprised of at least two members, one member affiliated with Ohio University, one member not affiliated with Ohio University.

2.  Use of APD and OUPD logos are required to be included in any design and may be provided upon request to the following:

a.  APD Logo- contact Chief Tom Pyle tpyle@ci.athens.oh.us
b.  OUPD Logo- contact Chief Andrew Powers powersa@ohio.edu

3.  The use of the City of Athens or Ohio University "woodcut" logos are permissible but not required. The use of any of logo requires the designer to secure permission for use and submit documentation with their design.

4.  No commercial logos are permitted.

5.  No more than four different colors may be used on any design (excluding the logos).

6.  Design must include the word “POLICE” on at least three sides of the vehicle and for the sides of the vehicle must be no less than six (6) inches tall.

7.  The design should take into account that, as required by law, this vehicle will have an emergency light-bar installed on the roof.

8.  The chosen design team will be allowed to include their individual team members signatures within a 12”x24” block on the vehicle, or a team logo that they design and the design should account for this.

Team Member #1___________________________________ Representing____________________________________

Team Member #2___________________________________ Representing____________________________________

*Additional team member names and representation (attach as addendum)

All artwork and design(s) will become the property of the Joint Police Advisory Council (JPAC). JPAC reserves the right to refuse any and all submissions or to work with a chosen designer to enhance, improve, or otherwise alter a submitted design.