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OhioMeansInternships.com helps Ohio businesses and students connect

Board of Regents website to aid student development

Finding quality internships and experiential learning opportunities can be an important part of an Ohio student's career development as well as an important component of a company's business plan. 

OhioMeansInternships.com can help students connect with interested businesses.

Students who register with OhioMeansInternships.com will be sought out by employers who also register with OhioMeansInternships.com to search for student talent. Students will be able to search internship positions that have been posted.

"Our goal is to educate students and move them from the classroom to the quality jobs in the workforce as quickly as possible," Chancellor Petro said. "This website will help students find internships that they can use to gain experience and hone their skills as well as help them identify career pathways."

The Board of Regents website is more than a listing of internships; it serves as a comprehensive solution that will provide information useful during the students' educational planning stages. One of the features is a portal page specific to students looking at internships. The portal includes analytics to identify career pathways and smarter career choices that work for all segments of the student job seeker population.

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