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A screen shot from the new University Human Resources website.

Graphic courtesy of: Kristen Spicker

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University Human Resources has a new website

Ohio University’s Human Resources Department got into the spirit of spring cleaning and recently unveiled their new website.

 “We are excited to have a modernized website,” said Linda Lonsinger, chief human resource officer. “We believe that the format is geared to be more user-friendly and engaging. Our intention is to keep the web site fresh with current events and information.”

With the last redesign implemented in October 2005, the time appeared right for a change.

“We wanted the site be more user-friendly and easier to navigate,” explained Jennifer Jordan, human resources manager. “Human Resources provides a lot of detailed information on our site, we wanted that information to be easily accessed.”

According to Jordan, all changes were, “designed to be consistent with University standards.”

Adjustments to the website include navigation bars throughout the site, allowing people to navigate throughout different sections (pages) easier. Jordan explained that a user navigation bar was also added to personalize the site according to various types of users, including: current employees, job seekers, managers, new employees and retirees.

“We wanted the end user to be able to visit our site, find the information they need and leave with a good impression of Human Resources and Ohio University,” said Jordan. “I think we achieved our goal. We are continually revising the content of the site and plan to update and incorporate more photos as they become available.”

Although the finished product is already up and running, Human Resources still appreciates any suggestions Lonsinger explained, “We would appreciate feedback from our customers about usability and information that our customers would like to have added to the website.”