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Administrative and professional, classified performance evaluations are due

It's time to complete annual performance evaluations for your administrative and professional (A&P), and classified staff.  

For the A&P staff, the deadline for completion of the performance evaluations is March 15. For classified staff, the deadline for completion of performance evaluations is April 1. All related forms, guidelines, and policies are available on the new University Human Resources (UHR) website www.ohio.edu/hr.

Annual performance evaluations are required for all A&P, and classified Staff. Conducting evaluations is an important communication opportunity to discuss, goals and expectations, opportunities for improvement and career development.

For administrative and professional staff non-renewals, departments must follow Policy #40.012, Non-renewal, Suspension, Demotion, or Termination for Cause of Administrative Appointments http://www.ohio.edu/policy/41-012.html.

A notice of non-renewal must be sent to the affected administrative employee by April 1 to terminate employment at the end of the current fiscal year. UHR recommends that employees also be provided a performance evaluation on or before March 15 of the current year. Administrators non-renewed with five or more years of service are eligible for the benefits under Policy 41.015, Reduction in Force Benefit Program for Administrators and Classified Staff http://www.ohio.edu/policy/41-015.html.

For non-renewals and/or assistance with Performance Improvement Plans, please contact UHR's Employee and Labor Relations area at 3-1640 or 3-1644.

Note that all completed classified evaluations should be sent to Compensation, UHR. All completed A&P evaluations should be sent to the respective planning unit head.

Once the 2011-2012 performance evaluations are completed, it is then time to conduct performance planning for the 2012-2013 period.

For assistance, please contact Compensation in UHR.