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Renea Morris

Renea Morris

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Branding OHIO through trademarks

Ohio University has institutional and athletic trademarks on a number of its logos or marks. Trademarks provide assurance to consumers about the standard and quality of particular goods or services. In addition to a number of intangible appeals, such as a certain value placed on the institution holding the marks, trademarks often bring consumers a sense of security, integrity and belonging.

In order to maintain value with OHIO's various audiences, several years ago the institution contracted with a licensing company. Licensing Resource Group (LRG) is a solid partner with the University in helping to maintain the marks used in the marketplace. It is because of this relationship that OHIO has seen a steady increase in the desire by vendors to market or sell items with not only the Ohio University name but its marks as well.

When the name and/or marks are used by vendors at Ohio University and by those in the marketplace such as in retail outlets or online, a royalty is collected for the sale of these items. This royalty has slowly increased over the years to 10 percent of the wholesale price of the licensed item and is paid to Ohio University. Royalties are not incurred for internal use. For example, when the institutional mark is applied to letterhead, this does not apply.

When considering an item for sale whether it is for fundraising or for profit, please keep in mind that licensing applies to all. It is always required that you work with an approved vendor for all OHIO goods and merchandise. Ohio University Printing Services along with Upholstery Services 593-1855 for embroidery are both approved vendors through LRG.

If you have questions regarding OHIO logos please review the University's brand site: www.ohio.edu/brand. For questions on institution marks contact Mark Krumel at krumel@ohio.edu and for athletic marks, contact Dan Hauser at hauser@ohio.edu. More information on approved vendors can be found on the LRG website at www.lrgusa.com and all inquiries related to becoming an approved vendor should go to LRG's Kevin Phillips at kevin@lrgusa.com.