The Undergraduate Student Juried Exhibition runs through March 10.

Photographer: Carlos Pacheco


The Undergraduate Student Juried Exhibition

Photographer: Carlos Pacheco


The Undergraduate Student Juried Exhibition

Photographer: Carlos Pacheco

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College of Fine Arts offers multiple student exhibitions

Students in the College of Fine Arts have been hard at work creating some beautiful works.

Graduate and undergraduate students had the chance to display the products of their talent and hard work in recent art exhibitions. Both the Undergraduate Juried Art Exhibition and the First-Year Graduate Student Art Exhibition will be on display, free to the public, for the next few weeks.

Undergraduate Student Juried Exhibition

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the College of Fine Arts, and the college was excited to celebrate and embrace its current students and alumni.

Students from every campus were encouraged to submit up to three pieces of art for the exhibition. A total of 101 students submitted nearly 300 pieces, which was then narrowed down to a final 72 pieces that would be displayed in the exhibition.

Almost every type of medium was represented in pieces ranging from sculpture, drawing and painting to photography and video.

“It is a great exhibition to showcase our undergraduate students and their work,” said Director of Exhibitions for the School of Art Petra Kralickova. “It helps show what is going on in their studios, in their heads and generally in the whole school.”

Gary Mesa-Gaido, Elizabeth Mesa-Gaido and Terri Kern, all alumni of the College of Fine Arts, were brought in to judge the work and hand out awards to the students.

On Feb. 14, a reception was held to honor those whose work was selected for the exhibition. The following students were honored with various awards given out by the three jurors, Director of the School of Art David LaPalombara, First Lady Deborah McDavis and various businesses throughout the community: Emily Good, Madeline Valley, Faye Zimmerman, Katelyn Renner, Sula Medovoy, James Barker, Barbara Jewell, Karalea Lane, Kelsey Dillow, Ian Vandayburg, David Foster, Nicholas Anderson and Amanda Boyd.

The Undergraduate Student Juried Art Exhibition is currently on display at the Ohio University Art Gallery located in Seigfred Hall. The exhibition is free to the public and will be on display until March 10.

First-Year Graduate Student Exhibition
Throughout the month of February, original works of art created by fourteen first-year graduate students were on display in the Trisolini Gallery located in the Baker Center. The exhibit opened on Feb. 7 and will be open, free to the public, until March 3.

There was a wide variety of artwork displayed throughout the gallery of the First-Year Graduate Student Exhibition. The exhibition included work from such mediums as oil painting, graphic design, sculpture and photography. Titled “Fledgling Theory,” this exhibition was easily relatable to the first-year graduates.

“We really are like birds learning to fly,” said graduate student Mateo Galvano. “We’re excited to be working together as a group for the first time, and interested in the conversation we’re involved in as a community of young artists.”

Unlike the exhibition highlighting the work of the undergraduate students, those involved in the graduate student exhibition organized the show entirely on their own. The students created their pieces for the show, designed a layout and assembled the exhibit. This gave the students hands on experience with putting together an art show while also giving them the chance to display some of their own work.

“The graduate program is very community based. All students have their preferred discipline, but they also take classes outside of that specialty,” said Chair of Graduate Programs for the School of Art Alex Hibbitt. “This exhibition gives the students the opportunity to show off their work as a whole community.”