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Spring break move-out offers opportunities to boost OHIO's RecycleMania standing

Tournament ends March 31

As spring-cleaning gets underway, there’s no better time to boost Ohio University's RecycleMania standing.

"We are close in rankings to a lot of schools and can overtake them with a good finals week purge," said Ed Newman, recycle and refuse manager. "So everyone should do their part and recycle as much as they can."

RecycleMania participants are currently competing in nine categories to see who recycles the most on a per capita basis, who produces the least amount of waste and who recycles the largest percentage of their overall waste stream.

For the first time, all six of OHIO’s campuses are participating in the competition, joining more than 600 schools across the nation and Canada in the 12th annual collegiate recycling tournament.

Based on the most recent results, OHIO's Athens campus is posting the strongest numbers among OHIO campuses. After two weeks of competition, Athens placed 50th overall with a total recycling rate of 41.57 percent. The 10-week competition will officially end March 31.

According to Newman, Campus Recycling is currently aiding the competition by auditing the University's recycling and trash container situation one building at a time. They also have dedicated a staff member to oversee recycling in buildings across campus, while educating departments about Campus Recycling's services.  

"This gets the staff in the buildings energized to have an improved system in place that is more user friendly, and ultimately engages people to recycle more and increases what we divert away from disposal as trash," he said.

As OHIO prepares for spring break, Newman is encouraging the campus community to recycle:

•  All school related papers and books
•  Beverage containers packaging
•  E-waste such as batteries, CDs or electronic devices
•  Compact florescent lights
•  Accessories for electronics
•  Styrofoam

"Everyone leaving and doing this will help OHIO move up in the RecycleMania competition," Newman said. "We are already solidly out front in the MAC and with most schools in Ohio. Everyone doing their part will help us overtake them."

To request a pick-up of items, students should call 740-593-2911. Work orders can also be placed online here.  

For more information about the competition or results, please visit www.recyclemaniacs.org.

OHIO highlights from week two of the RecycleMania competition:

Ohio's Athens campus is currently leading its Mid-American Conference competitors in the "Per Capita Class" category, which measures the combined amount of paper, cardboard, bottles and cans collected on a per person basis. OHIO is also currently in first place among the MAC schools in the "Gorilla" competition, which measures total amount of recycling.

OHIO's Lancaster campus currently ranks 11th place nationally in the "Per Capita Class" recycling category.

OHIO's Southern campus is emphasizing waste generation per person and currently ranks 12th in the "Waste Minimization" category.

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