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Off the Beaten Path: find unique destinations

Stroll across the Charles Bridge on your way to class in Prague. Hike the Andes and discover ancient Incan ruins in Peru. Practice Russian while touring the Kremlin. Or explore topical forests in Ghana to witness biodiversity in action.

Explore non-traditional destinations abroad at "Off the Beaten Path," which will feature unique locations throughout the world. The event, sponsored by Office of Education Abroad, will have free pizza for all participants and will be held 3-5 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 23, in Baker University Center 240.

"Non-traditional destinations allow students to find connections with cultures seemingly very different from their own," said Catherine Marshall, director of the Office of Education Abroad. "Non-traditional destinations can also be more affordable than Europe or Australia."

The study abroad programs featured will include: Israel, Ghana, Russia, Brazil, China, Ecuador, Malaysia, Thailand, Chile, Czech Republic, Botswana and many more. At this event, students can find the path less traveled and create an abroad opportunity that fits their unique interests and budget.

Habibah Ashari, director of the upcoming Malaysia Society and Culture program stresses the importance of study abroad.

"If you want to live diversity, study abroad and you will experience a vibrant multicultural atmosphere replete with friendly and welcoming people, delicious variety of food, diverse cultures and breathtaking sceneries," Ashari said.