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Multimedia site 'Project C' funds local nonprofits with PURF help

One of the 53 students who received Provost’s Undergraduate Research Fund (PURF) awards this year, Annette Drapac, a senior studying interactive multimedia in the School of Visual Communications, is working on “Project C,” a multimedia website showcasing nonprofits in Athens through video, illustration, animation, photography and the written word.

The site, which raises money for the nonprofits it features, launched May 31, 2011, and has since won awards from Adobe and the College Photographer of the Year competition.

“I took inspiration from other companies and social startups that encouraged ‘creatives’ to use their skills on behalf of nonprofit organizations. I had faith that the same could happen on a college campus,” Drapac said.

Visitors to the website can nominate and vote for a nonprofit’s story during a designated voting period and donate funds to Project C. Monies are distributed to each organization based on their voting percentage. In its first year, Project C distributed $1,075 (donated by family, friends, OU faculty and staff, and Athens community members) to help fund four Athens organizations: Habitat for Humanity, Good Works, Jethro Project and Community Food Initiatives.

Making the project happen required dedication from her fellow student team members, who donated their time and money throughout the process.
Getting the organization off the ground proved challenging, but Drapac used the mission of the organization to keep moving forward.

“We were working against many odds and variables, but failure was never an option,” she said. “We were doing this for something greater than ourselves, and I let that guide the path many days.”

The PURF funding Drapac and her team received will offset the cost of production and promotional elements, such as higher quality video hosting space and marketing materials.

“It is both humbling and uplifting having the support of the PURF award. To me, it helps reconfirm the worth of this project for everyone who has seen it, and the value of continuing it in 2012 and beyond.”

To learn more about Project C, or to nominate an organization for the 2012 round of funded nonprofits, visit the site at http://www.clickingcreateschange.com/index.html.