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University institutes new chalking policy

A new policy that outlines guidelines for using chalk on campus as a means of promotion and expression was approved on Feb. 8.

University Policy 23.055 officially establishes that chalking is permitted on the Ohio University campus only for student organizations that are registered with the Campus Involvement Center, University departments, faculty and staff members, and individual registered students.

These guidelines stipulate that water-soluble stick type chalk is the only kind allowed. Chalking is also only allowed on horizontal surfaces like sidewalks and streets that are concrete or asphalt. Chalking on stone or bricks is prohibited with the exception of Morton Hill.

Anyone in violation of the policy will be held financially responsible for any clean-up costs and may face sanctions from University Judiciaries, civil or criminal charges and disciplinary measures under the student or employee disciplinary process.

According to Ann Addington, an administrative associate in the Campus Involvement Center, the policy addresses concerns about maintaining the aesthetics of the university's buildings and grounds and reducing the hours that maintenance employees devote to cleaning spray chalk and paint.

"Recognizing that chalking can benefit student organizations and departments in their efforts to advertise, a policy that clearly outlines where chalking is allowed and the type of chalk that can be used will collectively benefit everyone," she said.

To view the full policy, click here.