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University vehicle policy updated

Revisions were recently approved for the Ohio University policy that governs the safety, procurement, operation, maintenance and disposition of University vehicles.

According to Joe Adams, associate vice president of risk management and safety, these changes will help to ensure University vehicles are operated in a safe and efficient manner and in accordance with all regulatory requirements.

The revised policy calls for the establishment of a Crash Review Board to investigate significant mishaps; prohibits the University from owning, leasing, renting or using 15-passenger vans after July 1; and designates Transportation and Parking Services as the unit that will service all vehicles on the Athens campus and as the required point of contact for all University vehicle transactions.

The policy also stipulates that the unit to which a vehicles is assigned is responsible for ensuring that it is used only for official University business; establishing a system to guarantee all drivers possess a valid driver's license; checking the driving history of everyone who will be operating a University vehicle; and establishing a system for knowing and documenting the driver of any vehicle at any time.

To view the full policy, visit http://www.ohio.edu/policy/47-001.html.