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Q2S Vision in Action

Advisors address top student Q2S concerns

Compass recently asked students to voice their greatest concerns about the quarters to semesters (Q2S) transition. Students answered that call loud and clear – through Facebook, Twitter, emails and in person.
Here, we've asked some of OHIO's top advisors to address the most popular concerns on camera. To watch a YouTube video in response to the questions below, simply click on the links. Or, to view the complete playlist, click here.

Q2S advising series is underway

Throughout winter quarter, Compass will feature tips and information on advising students through the Q2S transition, based on input from top student advisors. 

Articles in this series include:  

First completed TDCPs bring University one step closer to semesters

Regional collaboration promises streamlined advising across campuses

Chillicothe advisor enhances TDCP process with technology

Advisors step students through curricular change in preparation for Q2S conversion

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OHIO is one of 17 public universities and community colleges across the state converting to semesters in accordance with the University System of Ohio's strategic plan. Questions about the quarters-to-semesters transition at Ohio University can be directed to q2s@ohio.edu. For more information, visit http://www.ohio.edu/q2s/.