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Quarterly food drive reaps rewards for Beta Alpha Psi and community

On Feb. 11, members of the Beta Alpha Psi, the College of Business accounting fraternity collected 240 bags with more than 1,000 (still counting) pounds of food, diapers and toilet paper for the poor.

For nine years straight, the first day of each new quarter marks "Bag Making Day" for approximately 20 dedicated volunteers from Beta Alpha Psi. Members come together to prepare empty grocery bags with rubber bands and flyers that detail the drive's purpose.

Groups of three to four volunteers distribute the empty bags to doorknobs all across Athens a week in advance, keeping their fingers crossed that once pick up day comes, the bags will be overflowing with non-perishable items.

"What makes the project come together is the support of the community. We collect from all over and the people of Athens really go above and beyond to make the drive work," explains Christy Stock, president of Beta Alpha Psi.

Beta Alpha Psi organizes three food drives each year. On average, Beta Alpha Psi donates 1,500 to 2,500 pounds of food per drive to Athens Church of Christ, located on West Union Street. The donations stay local, providing aid to needy Athenians who come knocking at the food pantry's door.

These drives are essential to the community. For more than a decade, Athens has been deemed one of the poorest counties in the state with estimates of 30 percent or more of the population living below the national poverty line.

Stock said that it is this reality that continuously compels members of Beta Alpha Psi* to give back to less fortunate members of the community through quarterly food drives.
"College of Business professors, students and locals all deserve credit for the success of these food drives. Time and time again they donate so much for their neighbors, it's an inspiration," Stock declares.

For more information about the philanthropic efforts of Beta Alpha Psi, or to ensure your neighborhood's involvement in the spring quarter food drive, contact Christy Stock at

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