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OHIO etour launches mobile device application

YourCampus360 application lets users hold OHIO in their hands

When prospective students and their families want to look at Ohio University's Athens campus they don't need to go any farther than the phone in their hand.

Ohio University in collaboration with YourCampus360 has launched a free application, or app, for mobile devices that brings the web-based etour to Apple and Android smartphones.

"What we love about the etour is that any student, anywhere, can experience our beautiful, historic campus," said Candace Boeninger, assistant vice provost for enrollment management and director of undergraduate admissions. "The mobile app version unplugs the tour experience even more."

For those visiting the Athens campus, the application brings a new dimension to their tour.

"It allows visitors who are actually on campus to augment the traditional campus tour and really direct their own experience," said Boeninger. "We know that OHIO is a destination campus, and the etour can help us make each visitor’s on campus experience more meaningful."

Kelley Finan, director of marketing and external communications, echoed that sentiment.

"The mobile app will be a wonderful tool for marketing to prospective students. We know that once students actually see our campus they are more likely to choose to go here," she said. "This mobile app is the next-best thing to a campus visit. It’s also a great tool for students, parents and visitors who are on campus for the first time – kind of a personal GPS."

Users of an Apple or Android mobile device can download the free Ohio University etour in either the iTunes App Store for Apple devices, or the Android Marketplace for Android-powered devices.

"The mobile app is one of many tools we use to reach our audiences 'where they live,' so to speak," said Finan. "Research shows that mobile apps are increasingly being used by people of all ages, so being able to deliver our campus directly to students, prospective students and parents is a plus."