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Winter weather emergency procedures

Dear Colleagues,

With winter weather approaching, I wanted to provide you with a review of the University’s policy on emergency closing.

As you know, University Policy 40.051 provides that only the president or his designee has the authority to officially close the University. As in the past, if the Athens County Sheriff declares a level 3 emergency, the Athens Campus of the University will close.

Questions regarding regional campus operations should be referred to the appropriate regional campus’ dean.

Compensation for employees will follow the guidelines established in the aforementioned policy in the event of an “official closing.”

In all other bad weather conditions short of an emergency closing, including weather that causes cancellation of classes, the expectation is that employees report for duty as assigned. However, supervisors should develop departmental guidelines to excuse individuals’ attendance if circumstances warrant. In such situations, time missed can be replaced through the use of:

As a reminder, the University is no longer issuing “red cards” to employees who may be needed to work at times when the roads are closed because the county is under a level 3 snow emergency.

The Athens County Sheriff has agreed to simplify the process so that OHIO employees who are needed at work will only have to present their OHIO ID card and explain to the deputy that they are en route to work if they are stopped. The deputy will verify with Ohio University Police Department (OUPD) that the employee is traveling to or from work.

At least yearly, departments must determine which positions are essential and then notify the staff in these positions that they are considered essential and, as such, are required to report to work during an emergency closure of the University.

Essential employees are permitted to drive directly between work and home only. Any employee attempting to use the privilege for anything other than legitimate work purposes may be subject to citation.

Finally, the privilege to drive on a closed road only pertains to level 3 snow emergencies. The privilege does not permit essential employees to drive on roads closed due to flooding, downed power lines, accidents, etc.

Please ask your supervisor if you have any questions about this procedure.

Have a safe winter.


Linda Lonsinger
Chief Human Resource Officer