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Why I Give: Thom Luce

In today’s economy, times are tough for many Athens residents.

Fortunately, there are also many Ohio University faculty, staff and students who help struggling individuals and families by giving to the United Appeal for Athens County.

Thom Luce, professor and chair of the Department of Management Information Systems at the College of Business, is just one of the many people who contribute to the United Appeal.

As part of the "Why I Give" series, Ohio University Compass sat down with Luce to discuss why he contributes to United Appeal and why giving back to the community is important in these difficult times.

How long have you been giving to United Appeal for Athens County?

I’ve been giving ever since I first started at Ohio University – 25 years. I like that United Appeal is a local program that helps people right here in Athens County.

Why do you give to United Appeal?

Giving to United Appeal is the best way to help and support local needs.  It’s a great way to give back to the community. I’m fortunate to have a stable job and a healthy family, but not everyone has that.

Have you seen positive changes in the Athens community over the last 25 years you’ve been giving to United Appeal?

Our community has come a long way. United Appeal has helped those without jobs, without homes, and people with special needs. We’ve definitely progressed a lot as a community.

Do you think it’s especially important to give back to the community considering we live in Appalachia?

It’s definitely important to give back to our Appalachian community. People living in Appalachia have limited resources for help and support, but United Appeal for Athens County is designed to help those in Appalachia specifically.

What is the process of contributing to United Appeal like? Is it easy to give?

It’s very easy to give to United Appeal. There are multiple options you can choose from – you can give a one-time donation, or you can opt for a payroll deduction. It’s very easy to donate since you don’t even see the money – it just goes right to United Appeal.

Luce is just one of the many Ohio University faculty and staff helping to accomplish the university’s goal of raising $50,000 and 10 percent participation for United Appeal.

If you would like to donate to United Appeal of Athens County, click here.