Sheila Bycofski

Sheila Bycofski

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Great job!

Sheila Bycofski is the October Classified Employee of the Month

Compass features a Q&A with the non-bargaining Classified Employee of the Month. Each month, Classified Senate selects an employee to acknowledge and recognize as someone who is setting high standards for excellence and innovation. The monthly feature,
titled "Great Job," will provide a glimpse into the honoree's life on and off campus.

How surprised were you to win the Employee of the Month award?

I was very surprised and at the same time very honored. It meant a great deal to me.

What is your job title and how long have you worked it?

My job title is administrative associate and I've worked in the Ohio University-Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine's Office of Communication for 17 years.

What are the most enjoyable things about your job?

That I got the opportunity to work with such a great group of people who are really caring and compassionate. Over the years, we have become good friends, which I truly appreciate.

What is your hometown?

My hometown is Glouster, Ohio, and I live on Irish Ridge near Burr Oak State Park.

What are your long-term goals in life?

My goal is to retire, to be happy and healthy, to spend more time with my family and to be able to become more involved in church and other things I enjoy.

What was the last good book you read?

To be honest, I haven't had time to read a good book in a long time. When I’m not working my professional job, I'm usually busy trying to finish wood projects related to our log home that we started building by hand a couple of years ago. I do good to fit in the newspaper or a Women's World magazine. Hopefully that will change soon though because we are getting close to being done.

If you weren't in your present job, you would be working as a _____. 

I would be an X-ray technician I just think it would be neat to take "insider" pictures of the body so that diseases, conditions, or injury can be visualized and diagnosed. Plus, after so many years of doing the same thing, I think sometimes you just need a new challenge.

What things in life are the most important to you? 

My family, beliefs, pets and friends are most important.

Where is your favorite vacation destination? 

So far, I would have to say Jamaica. It's just gorgeous, it's relaxing, it's toasty warm and I love the beautiful blue water.

What are your hobbies?

Woodworking, gardening, fishing, boating, and bird watching are my hobbies.

What is something that most people don't know about you?

I was once in a truck that was rammed by bucking bulls.

What are your favorite TV shows?

American Idol, X-Factor, Oprah and Two and a Half Men

What is your favorite type of music?

Country music all the way.

What is the next big event you can't wait for? 

The Circleville Pumpkin Show. I just love to see the big pumpkins. Some of them weigh more than 1,500 pounds. It just amazes me that something can grow to be that big. Plus, they're just beautiful with all the fall colors and they make one of my favorite pies, pumpkin pie.

Who are your favorite celebrities?

Ernest P. Worrell is my favorite, because he was just hilarious and always made me laugh. Oprah because she's an inspiration to everyone.

Who are the most annoying celebrities? 

George W. Bush because he's annoying and can be inconsiderate.

What is your dream car/truck/SUV? 

A red mustang convertible .

What is your favorite saying or quote? 

Treat others how you want to be treated (Jesus of Nazareth).