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'Ping 101"' program launches Monday

Ohio University Campus Recreation will introduce its newest program, "Ping 101," on Monday, Nov. 7. The program offers Ohio University faculty and students an opportunity to build relationships outside of the classroom through a bring-your-class-to-Ping event.

"Ping 101" aims to encourage faculty and staff to hold class in the Charles J. Ping Recreation Center, and motivate students to interact with faculty and staff through other Ping activities.

"The goal is to encourage faculty and staff interaction with students outside of the classroom," said Doug Franklin, assistant dean for campus recreation. "It's a refreshing, innovative way for professors to hold class."

"Ping 101" allows professors and students the opportunity to engage in formal activities, including group fitness classes or intramurals, or informal activities, such as pick-up basketball or racquetball.

Faculty and staff can also reserve meeting rooms in the Ping Center if they wish to hold a traditional class.

"The program offers a different way to look at things," Franklin said. "The space at the Ping Center is much different than the classroom. It's not constricting. It allows you to get up, and climb the wall of higher education."

Hafedh Benhadj, associate director and Ping Center director, said this program lets students apply the lessons they learn in class to real life.

"This program provides classes the opportunity to observe people and how they interact," Benhadj said. "It turns class into real life."

During the opening week of the program, Ping Recreation Center will offer incentives to encourage faculty/student engagement.

Any student who brings a professor to the Ping Center will be entered to win $300 in books. Faculty and staff will also receive free admission to the Ping Center for the week, and free admission for their family members on "Family Day" on Saturday, Nov. 12.

"This is a great way to bring families and students together," Benhadj said. "It encourages a better sense of community for faculty, staff and students."

"Ping 101" will launch on Monday, but Campus Recreation encourages faculty and student to create a lasting engagement at the Ping Center throughout the rest of the year.

"It's a good thing for students to become engaged with faculty and staff," Franklin said. "We encourage it throughout the rest of the year."

For more information on "Ping 101," contact Ohio University Campus Recreation at campusrec@ohio.edu or 740-593-9908.