Laura Yates takes part in the ropes course with Outdoor Pursuits

Photographer: Anselm Bradford

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Staying active when the temperatures drop

Just because the seasons are changing, it does not mean people need to remain indoors.

It is undeniable that Ohio University has one of the most beautiful campuses in the state. Brick lined pathways weave between historic buildings. The rolling hills and gently flowing river make the Athens campus scenic, especially when the leaves begin to change and bring a new element of splendor to the area.

However, with temperatures dropping, many students find themselves curling up inside their rooms, hibernating until warmer days return.

Located along the bank of the Hocking River is the bike path. Spanning a total of 19 miles, it is perfect for walking, running or biking. This scenic route is the convenient way to get outside and enjoy the beautiful scenery while getting in some exercise.

Another area around the Athens campus to explore are the grounds surrounding The Ridges. The hilly terrain is a great area to go for a brisk hike or jog. In the late 1800s, The Ridges was built as a hospital for the mentally ill, with stunning architecture and grounds designed by Herman Haerlin. After years of disuse in the modern day, Ohio University has put these gems to use.  A restoration project has brought the building and grounds to much of their former splendor. A relaxing nature walk now winds through the grounds and the cemeteries where former patients of the hospital were interred.

Outdoor Pursuits, the adventure recreation department in the Division of Student Affairs, provides numerous fun and exciting experiences for students and faculty to enjoy. Throughout the year, they offer programs in canoeing, kayaking, rock climbing, stargazing and even scuba diving. Participating in one of their many clinics and programs is an excellent way for students to stay active during these dreary colder months.

And, though the chill in the air may deter many from participating in outdoor sports, students, faculty and staff can always get out and support one of OHIO's many athletic teams. Cheer on the women’s volleyball team, women’s soccer team, football team, club hockey team and many more. With some sort of sporting event occurring almost every day, there is always a team to support.

As the cold fronts move in, resist the urge to curl up under a fleece blanket and watch reruns of old TV shows all day. Cure the seasonal laziness by staying active and enjoying everything that Athens has to offer year round.