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Fine arts students use their hearts to inspire

Learning Community collaborates with artist to express themselves

Students in the College of Fine Arts' Learning Communities put their heads together to create a unique heart-themed piece of artwork.  The heart idea was inspired by artist and Ohio University alumnus Jim Dine’s exhibition at Kennedy Museum of Art on campus.

Each of four Residential Learning Communities in Lincoln Hall will get a chance for their installation to be showcased. Robert Peppers, professor of art, conceived and created the first installation. It was Pepper’s vision to have a collaborative project with students.

"We haven’t tried something like this before and the whole idea is to try and spark some creativity," said Norma Humphreys, assistant dean for the College of Fine Arts. "Since we have such a mix of art, music and theater majors it made sense to try and do a collaborative thing."

The students that worked on the piece created a heart shaped collage that they covered in their own pictures with quotes in the background. The heart represents their love for their families back home combined with their love for the new friends they have made during the beginning of their first year of college.

"They have really taken the ball and run with it," said Alex Damico, peer mentor for the group. "They are coming up with their own creative ideas which are fun for our learning community."

Dine will be speaking to the fine arts students on Nov. 3 about the Change of Hearts artworks.