Michael Lafreniere

Photo courtesy of: Ohio University Chillicothe

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Chillicothe faculty member to discuss collaboratories at Faculty Showcase

Michael Lafreniere, an assistant professor at the Ohio University Chillicothe campus, will present "Creation of a Collaboratory: An Active, Engaging, and Effective Learning Environment" from 12:10 to 1 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 3, in the Faculty Commons, Alden Library Room 319 (Friends of the Library Room).  

Lafreniere, who teaches environmental engineering technology and mathematics, will discuss how to create a collaboratory that facilitates student participation, formative and peer assessment, and enhances a student's contribution to the learning experience.

The talk is part of Academic Technologies' Fall Faculty Showcase,
"Spotlight on Ohio University Faculty:  Enhancing Teaching and Learning."

His presentation includes scalable features for integration of hybrid and online students, as well as features desired by qualitative researchers who desire to collect pedagogical student data. Examples acquired over the past few years of use in the classroom will be shared.

Every student can "come to the board" in a collaboratory without ever leaving their seat or coming to campus. Across many disciplines, current technology exists to create and incorporate collaboratories into an active, engaging, and effective learning environment.

Lafreniere is a recent recipient of an Ohio University Foundation 1804 Award for Undergraduate Learning that supports this collaboratory creation initiative.

The event will be streamed live and may be viewed at this link.