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Kroger Day posters

Photographer: Kyle Ranally


Kroger Day crowd

Photographer: Kyle Ranally

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Kroger Day offers networking and jobs to students

The third annual Kroger Day at Ohio University on Wednesday helped students by welcoming executives to speak to classes across several majors and holding recruitment open houses.
Students of various majors and ages took advantage of this opportunity to obtain one of the more than 115 internships Kroger has to offer. This year's event had the most participation and attendance, according to Harris-Graves.
"It's a challenge for Kroger," said Joan Harris-Graves, Kroger Corporate Recruiter. "The biggest problem we have is that people look at us as just a grocery chain. They think bagger, checker or whatever. It wasn't until we started coming here (Ohio University) and talking to students that they realized we have all of these different areas to offer."

Junior marketing and finance major, Tim Beaufait, attended Kroger Day for networking purposes and to see what internships Kroger had to offer.

"Hopefully in the long run I can get an internship, but I'd like to get an interview at first and just stay in touch," said Beaufait.

Although many of the internships require a junior or senior ranking, it didn't stop some ambitious freshmen from stopping at Kroger Day.

"We were just told by our professor, so we decided to show up and network," said Brittany Sommerville, a freshmen marketing and business management major.

This event has significantly strengthened the Ohio University and Kroger relationship through employment and job opportunities.

"We've hired about 1 ½ times as many Ohio University people in one year, this past year, than we've hired in the previous 40 years combined," said Harris-Graves.

Kroger stresses that majoring in a certain discipline is not the only factor in influencing the hiring process. The company focuses more on if the individual has the ability to live the company values and to demonstrate the leadership behaviors to be successful at Kroger.

With an influx of Ohio University alumni working for Kroger, it shows that these values are prevalent on campus. Harris-Graves pointed out that one of her favorite parts of the recruitment open houses is seeing alumni return to the place that instilled the values and leadership behaviors that launched their careers.

"To hear their (alumni now working for Kroger) passion and their energy and their enthusiasm when they're on their way back home from this event gives us such great pleasure," said Harris-Graves.

The Kroger executives plan on returning to Ohio University in the early spring for another career fair.