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New Print Responsibly website keeps users updated

Ohio University's Office of Procurement is proud to announce the launch of the new Print Responsibly website. The website will serve as a resource to keep all users updated on the latest news on the implementation of the Copier Management program.

As one of the non-personnel cost-saving initiatives from Finance and Administration, Copier Management and the Print Reduction Initiatives were seen as areas where the University could reap drastic savings and create a more efficient workplace.

"Copier management is an excellent example of an instance where cost savings, convenience and efficiency go together perfectly," said Laura Nowicki, director of procurement services. "Not only will the University see financial benefits, but members of the faculty, staff and student body will benefit from the streamlined process."

There are a number of other benefits that faculty and staff will see. ComDoc, the chosen vendor for this changeover, will supply toner to departments and will support and maintain the covered machines at no additional cost. The overall price to print will be reduced, with the current proposed prices at $0.025 for a single-sided black and white page and $0.10 for a single-sided color printed page. In addition, there is no initial, upfront cost for the equipment transition with ComDocs.

Digital archives benefit too because of a provision for free digital scanning.

"By partnering with ComDocs, Ohio University is making a concerted effort to save paper, time and faculty and staff resources," said Nowicki.

ComDocs is currently being piloted in the College of Business to great success.

"We have seen a 62 percent reduction in the amount of paper used in the first three weeks of winter quarter," said Chad Burkett, procurement commodity manager."Student workers are no longer spending their time maintaining machines or replacing toner; that is all done by ComDocs."

Thanks to the Print Job Release function, the college has seen a 50-70 percent reduction in paper waste. Data collection is currently underway to track student printing and usage.

Chubb Hall and the West Union Street Office Center will be the next to implement ComDocs. To date, there are 60 device installations on the Athens campus, with another 77 projected to be done before the end of winter quarter.

"We are meeting with departments across campus to assess their equipment needs and to work with them on setting up device installation," said Nowicki. "We are working toward our goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, providing a consistent print and copy experience across the University and to introduce the best practices in printing responsibly. We also want to reuse and reprioritize the copier and printer equipment on the Athens campus."

College of Business and ComDocs a success

The Copier Management/Print Responsibly initiative has already seen marked success with the ComDocs pilot in the College of Business. 

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