Tony the Tiger and the Nelson Dining Hall staff

Tony the Tiger and the Nelson Dining Hall staff.

Photographer: Kristen Spicker

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Tony the Tiger helps Ohio University students end hunger

This month Ohio University’s Culinary Services are working with Kellogg’s Food Away From Home to help stop hunger in Athens.

For every bowl of Kellogg’s cereal eaten during the month of January in the dining halls, the company will donate a bowl to Southeastern Ohio Regional Food Center (allocated for Athens).

The event kicked off Monday, Jan. 9 at Nelson Dining Hall during breakfast with Tony the Tiger in tow to take pictures and encourage students to grab a bowl and spoon.

“I have students every quarter that ask, ‘What are we doing to help out with hunger in the area?’” explained Richard Neumann, director of residential dinning. “So by participating and by eating a bowl of cereal between now and Feb. 13 they can help out. So I think it’s important that now they have a direct bearing on how this comes about, how much food is given.”

Although most college students forgo the morning meal in the dining halls for a few more hours of sleep, they can still participate: Kellogg’s will match bowls of cereal eaten at any meal and at any dining hall.

"Kellogg's has supported food banks across the U.S. for nearly 30 years. On average, the company donates $20 million of products annually,” said Tim Knowlton, vice president, corporate social responsibility for the Kellogg Company. “Our partnership with Ohio University and the Southeastern Ohio Regional Food Bank is an example of our continued commitment to helping those challenged in these economic times.”