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New series highlights those who give

Ongoing series showcases different methods of giving to OHIO

Generosity is something that should not go unnoticed. At Ohio University, dedicated alumni and friends make generous gifts that help to shape OHIO into a place where students, faculty and staff come to realize their promise.

This generosity takes many forms. As part of an ongoing series, Compass will look at different types of gifts and recognize those who have given of themselves to the institution.

Charitable donations from parents, faculty, and alumni have been used to enhance beneficial programs to better the experiences and opportunities that Ohio University has to offer.

Parent donations
Eight years ago, the Parents and Family Fund was created to help students in need during crises. Over the years, this fund has been used to provide housing and meal plans to students in need due to unforeseen circumstances. This fund also has provided transportation for students and faculty to the funeral of a student who recently passed away.

Over the past few months Rita Isaacs, as a devoted Ohio University parent and member of the newly-formed Division of Student Affairs' Ohio Parents Advisory Council, has started an effort to raise $15,000 to endow the Parents and Family Fund. Once the fund is endowed, it will continually gain interest allowing it to constantly grow. Those involved hope to be able to expand the limits of what this fund has been able to do in the past, and continue to help students in need.

Faculty contributions
The Ohio University Press is known as one of the best university presses in the state of Ohio. It is an internationally renowned publisher that has been praised for its attention to detail and editing as well as its published work in African Studies and Southeast Asian Studies.

The Ohio University Press is a vital Ohio University institution. Because of recent budget constraints, the press has worked to identify alternative funding sources and to decrease its dependence on University-provided subsidy.

"There is no university press in the country that does not have a subsidy," said Tom Carpenter, Charles J. Ping Professor of the Humanities and Professor of Classics, who oversaw the Ohio University Press with David Descutner during its reorganization.

About a year ago, Carpenter, along with Samuel Crowl, professor of English literature, founded the Cecil Hemley Society as a way to raise money and support for the Ohio University Press.

To become a member of the Cecil Hemley Society one must pledge to donate $1,000 a year for three years, a total donation of $3,000. With nearly 20 members already, Carpenter and Crowl strive to gain even more supporters.

"The library is our laboratory. Books are the lifeblood of an institution," said Crowl. "This is a natural way to support something that I believe in and that I love."

Estate giving
Pablo Davis was a passionate music producer and promoter who got his start at Ohio University. After a long and noteworthy career in the music business, he retired and began counseling small business owners through the Small Business Administration. Davis believed in self-employment through entrepreneurship and felt that it was essential to the success of African Americans.

After he passed away on Nov. 30, 2010, his wife, Iris Cooper, set up a scholarship in his name. A $15,000 donation was made to endow the William Pablo Davis Memorial Scholarship. The intention of this scholarship is to provide financial aid for African American students pursuing a degree in business at Ohio University.