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Q2S Vision in Action

Chillicothe adviser enhances TDCP process with technology

As program coordinator for Law Enforcement Technology on the Chillicothe campus, Jim McKean often relies on podcasts to provide personalized, visual feedback to his online students. This quarter, he's using that same technology to walk his 130 student advisees through the Transition Degree Completion Plan (TDCP).

Each OHIO undergraduate student who transitions from quarters to semesters will be expected to meet with an adviser to formulate a plan of study, in preparation for the University's conversion to a semester-based academic calendar in fall 2012.

"To me, the more information we share and put in front of the student relative to the transition, and the more we communicate the pledge to the students that we are committed to making this transition as easy as possible without adverse impacts, I think it lessens anxiety that students feel … and it lessens my anxiety as well," said McKean, who also serves as interim associate dean on the Chillicothe campus and program Chillicothe campus coordinator for the Bachelor of Criminal Justice (BCJ) degree through University College.
To sample McKean's podcasts, click here. To view McKean's podcast on the TDCP cover page, click here.

Q2S advising series is underway

Throughout winter quarter, Compass will feature tips and information on advising students through the Q2S transition, based on input from top student advisers.

Articles in this series include:  
First completed TDCPs bring University one step closer to semesters
Regional collaboration promises streamlined advising across campuses

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OHIO is one of 17 public universities and community colleges across the state converting to semesters in accordance with the University System of Ohio's strategic plan. Questions about the quarters-to-semesters transition at Ohio University can be directed to q2s@ohio.edu. For more information, visit http://www.ohio.edu/q2s/.

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