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Dhaka International Film Festival to screen graduate student's film

"Rocky the Boss" is parody of Rocky Balboa

Ohio University graduate student Dejan Mraovic's short film, "Rocky the Boss," has been selected to compete in the 12th Dhaka International Film Festival in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

"Rocky the Boss" is a parody of the Rocky Balboa movies. The five-minute film comically portrays the loving relationship between the characters, Adrian and Rocky.

This comedy was also an official selection of last April's 38th Athens International Film and Video Festival.

"When I was a kid I grew up on the Rocky Balboa movies," said Mraovic. "I hope people who like Sylvester Stallone and Rocky Balboa will really enjoy this movie and have fun."

Mraovic was assisted in the making of this film by Ohio University alumni Chris Luessen and Genna Verhoff. Luessen had also collaborated with Mraovic on his last film "Bicycle."

The festival takes place Jan. 1220 with Mraovic's film being screened on Jan. 13 at the Bangladesh National Museum. "Rocky the Boss" is competing with 65 other films in the Shorts and Independents category. Rainbow Film Society organizers have chosen three locations for the films to be displayed: the Central Public Library, the National Museum and the Alliance Francaise de Dhaka, Dhanmondi.

Throughout these nine days, more than 200 films from approximately 55 countries will be shown and judged. This year's theme is "Better Film, Better Audience, Better Society." The grand prize is Taka 100,000 or $1,219.

This is Mraovic's second film to represent Ohio University in an international film festival. His first short film "Bicycle" competed in the 6th International Cycling Film Festival in Herne, Germany in October.

Mraovic believes that he has improved as a filmmaker by making "Rocky the Boss." He said it features more complex and mature dialogue and scenes.

"I really enjoyed making and shooting this film at Ohio University," he said. "I hope that they (the audience) will share the excitement that was put into the movie."

Mraovic credits his film career to his past experience as a photographer and journalist in Serbia. These art forms along with the guidance of Rajko Grlic, eminent professor of film at Ohio University, led him to pursue his interest in film and graphic design.

"Rajko Grlic is the most famous and successful Croatian director," Mraovic said. "I've learned a lot from him."

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