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OHIO focuses on psychological services

Informational Web site supports ongoing efforts

In a recent survey by the American College Health Association, 1.6 million college students sought counseling in the past year. According to Christine Gidycz, director of the graduate program in clinical psychology, the number of students at Ohio University seeking mental health services is on the rise.

With these statistics in mind, Ohio University today launched a new Web site dedicated to educating students on psychological health and related diseases.

The site is the most recent addition to Ohio University's HealthAlerts series -- which aims to proactively empower the university community with knowledge and resources to address the critical, less-talked-about health and safety issues facing today's college students, faculty and staff.

The Web site supports ongoing efforts by Hudson Health Center, Counseling and Psychological Services, and the Psychology and Social Work Clinic. The initiative complements a university-wide commitment to transparency and education regarding health issues of public concern.

According to Gidycz, Counseling and Psychological Services, located in Hudson Health Center, and the Psychology and Social Work Clinic, located in Porter Hall, are two places where students can seek confidential help on campus. Gidycz also suggests speaking with a person in authority, such as a resident assistant, if students are feeling stressed, depressed or have any other mental health issues.

“There is no sure way to prevent a mental health problem,” Gidycz said. “Adopting a healthy lifestyle and developing good coping skills are ways to try to minimize the impact of stress.”

To view Ohio University's Health Alert and view the full transcript of Gidycz’s interview on psychological health, visit http://www.ohio.edu/healthalerts/psychological/.