Dean of Students Ryan Lombardi tells new faculty about the incoming class of undergraduate students.

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President welcomes new faculty

Ohio University President Roderick J. McDavis and Executive Vice President and Provost Pam Benoit greeted faculty to Ohio University at the New Faculty Welcome held Wednesday in the Faculty Commons in Alden Library.

The Welcome reception was open to all levels of new faculty from all of Ohio University's campuses.

"Faculty hold a central place in the mission and vision of Ohio University. We value our faculty and all they do to advance knowledge and to help our students realize their promise," said McDavis. He continued, "As an alumnus of Ohio University, I can tell you first hand, my experience as a student with our faculty was a meaningful educational experience for me."

After McDavis, Benoit addressed OHIO's newest instructors.

Benoit spoke about the main goal of the University as its "true north" which she characterized as the provision of a transformative learning experience for all students. She went on to emphasize the key role that all faculty play in helping the University reach this goal.   

"Transformative learning cannot happen in the absence of talented and thoughtful individuals who remind themselves daily that they are still learners," Benoit said. "Individuals who know that they have the power through their work to equip new generations with the ability to advance our understanding of each other, the world around us, and the universe beyond."

New Faculty Welcome is instrumental in acclimatizing new instructors to the culture of OHIO.

"The New Faculty Welcome is important because it serves as an introduction and welcome to the Ohio University community of artists, researchers and teachers," said Tim Vickers, associate director for the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), who helped to choreograph the all-day welcome.

Meeting McDavis and Benoit is only the beginning of a daylong introduction to the University. Participants are welcomed by Martin Tuck, interim dean of the Chillicothe campus; learn about research at OHIO; hear from Debra Benton, Ohio University registrar; learn about OHIO history, the student, their colleagues, and all of the University's campuses.

"The greatest challenge is to make sure we strike a balance," said Vickers. "We don't want to overwhelm them with information, but we want to be sure that they have all the tools they need to come away empowered. And, if they ever have more questions or need help, we want them to know that we're still going to be here to help."