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Catherine Marshall

Director of the Office of Education Abroad Catherine Marshall

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Education Abroad Matters: Education Abroad has resources, opportunities for faculty, staff and students

It isn’t hard to make the argument that study abroad is one of the most rewarding and educating experiences many college students will have. 

In spite of that, many faculty and staff are unaware of the role they can play in helping their students capture these opportunities, or seeking opportunities out for themselves.

The Office of Education Abroad is now accepting applications (PDF) for International Faculty Development Seminars through the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE)*.

“Through a competitive process, we will select two faculty members to participate in programs over the summer,” said Catherine Marshall, director of the Office of Education Abroad. “Most of the programs average about 12 days in length, so this is an ideal opportunity for faculty members who have a difficult time fitting an entire quarter or semester abroad into their schedule.”

The office has eight options for applicants to choose from in Africa, Latin America and Asia.

“There is something for almost any research interest,” said Marshall. “This is a great way for someone with limited international experience to gain more.”

She also shared that when faculty share their experiences abroad with students, everyone benefits.

“Students listen to their faculty, and faculty has a major impact on them. So, maybe a student can’t study abroad, but because the faculty has, they’re now getting an international perspective,” she said.

Faculty and staff are regularly interacting with students in class and through advising. The Office of Education Abroad is working hard to help all advisers become versed in study abroad opportunities for students.

“We have the Study Abroad Fair in Baker University Center on Oct. 11, and faculty and staff are welcome to attend,” said Marshall. “They can learn more about programs to recommend to students, and they might learn about a program that interests them personally.”

One way of spreading the word to advisers is through a set of major-specific study abroad advising worksheets Education Abroad is developing in collaboration with academic advisers.

“We’re slowly but surely working our way through all the majors offered,” she said. “But, on our website you can see what we’ve completed so far. We tell students why study abroad could help them in that major and suggest various Ohio University and affiliate programs that might work well.”

Marshall encouraged any advisers or major directors who are interested in working with her office to create a worksheet to contact the Office of Education Abroad. Their office also has postcards available to advisers to display to show support for Education Abroad.

“We give you two; one side you display by your door, to let students know you’re a resource to get them started on study abroad,” said Marshall. “The backside has facts that advisers can find useful when talking to students.”

The office is not just changing how advisers approach study abroad; they are also changing their scenery.

“In the winter quarter we will move to 15 Park Place, next to Baker University Center,” said Marshall. “We will share the building with International Student and Faculty Services. It will be great to have so many international resources under one roof.”